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What do you see when you look at a tree? November 19, 2008

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The Answers to All a New PR Grads’ Questions November 6, 2008

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The blog post that I read was New Blog Helps PR Students and Recent Grads Get Career-Ready. The name of this post caught my eye, obviously, because I will be venturing into the job market in a very short period and will take any opportunity to read something that may help me figure out what I want to do… when I grow up. The post is about a new blog that was launched this summer that helps recent public relations graduates and/or students with any question they may have about the field. The blog is called Culpwrit guiding the career in public relations.

The post New Blog Helps PR Students and Recent Grads Get Career-Ready explains all of the benefits that the new blog offers. The mastermind behind the blog is Ron Culp. He is a 35-year PR industry veteran and is the managing director at Ketchum. I think it is awesome that a PR professional of his stature is taking the initiative to help the rookies of this field that is so competitive. Culp’s main reason for creating this incredibly, beneficial blog was to answer the questions that most would be to afraid to ask in an interview. Culp says “Whenever I meet young people in school settings or at conferences, they ask me the standard questions about my personal career path. “Then when I interview young people – either for a job or informational purposes – there are always questions I wished they had asked but suspect they were afraid to. My hope is that Culpwrit will be a key resource for the things young people really want and need to know.” I am elated that I found this post and now have the capability to get all of my career questions answered by true PR professionals.

I actually referenced a lot of the post on the Culpwrit blog and found out a lot of basic information that has not been taught in any PR class that I have taken. The blog has guest bloggers some are veterans of the field. The majority of the guest bloggers are PR practitioners that are new in the field sharing their experiences and any advice/information they learned and found necessary to share. The bloggers post their information by topic giving the blog many topics to browse. The topics range anywhere from careers, to job searches, to Q&As, to a day in the life, to volunteerism, and many more subjects that are valuable in PR.

The aspect of the blog that I found most beneficial is the Q&A section. You can ask anything about the PR field that you want. Just reading the questions helped me a lot and I already feel a little more knowledgeable about my future.  Most of the questions are ones I often have found myself wondering and have never gotten a chance to ask anyone because I forget them before the opportunity presented itself.

Ron Culp had an amazing idea when creating this blog. He has made and will make many new PR graduates’ life’s a little easier by giving the ability to ask questions to PR professionals that knew what it was like to be new in the field. The Culpwrit blog is now going to be a blog that I frequent and maybe I will even post some of my questions that could help someone in the future. The URL for the blog is I highly recommend anyone that is going in to the PR field to take a minute and browse the blog and I promise many questions will be answered.