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Article Analysis October 23, 2008

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According to Dozier, Sha, and Okura, in their article, How Much Does My Baby Cost? An Anlysis of Gender Differences in Income, Career Interuption, and Child Bearing, men earn an annual salary of 41% more than women. The numbers for this are men=$73,250 and women= around $60,000. This article looks at just a few of the reasons why women’s salaries are so much lower than men’s. The topics that they discuss are some of the more logical reasons for the salary difference but that does not always mean the most important. Of all differnt studies they did and the results that they reached, I do feel a bit weary of the day that I start receiving paychecks and the money amount that it is written for is going to be a significant amount lower than the man in the cubicle or office next to me even though my work performance may be stronger than his.

The main topic that they discuss is, whether or not the reason for the difference in salary is the fact that some women do take career breaks to give birth and raise their children. In the article their definition of a career breaks is a leave of absence from all career related activities for one year or longer. This issue is only one of the many double satndards that women are faced with in the career field today and in the past. I find this a little disheartening because in less than 8 months I will be venturing into the work force and before a company even hires me or knows my abilities, my salary will be reduced for the simple fact of me possibly giving birth and having a family one day.

In society, women are frowned upon if they reach a certain age and they do not have children but in the career world it is frowned upon if do you have children and work in a fast pace career. Regardless of one’s gender I do not find it right to base their salary on whether or not they are going to have children. For instance ot that this would ever happen but, what if all US women took this statistic to heart and refused to have children so they could focus on their careers. The United States population would drop and there would be no future of our country. I know that this idea is very far fetched and would never happen but if women want to become equals with men in the work force, it as if this is what it would take for eqality to be reached.

After all of Dozier, Sha, and Okura’s research and experimentations they did find that career breaks are not the reason for the 41% difference in salaries. The basis for the difference according to them is the lack of job experience in women. According their research, women who take even one family related leave of absence from their careers, they are associated with not being a hard worker and undependable when it comes to inside the corporate walls. I think that a good reason for the lack of job experience is the fact that after a women gives birth and comes back to work she is discouraged from working because now she has more responsibilites and can not devote all her time to her career.


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